3 ways hr professionals support line mangers and their staf

Increasingly managers are also responsible for managing health and well-being of their teams, preventing ill health, introducing adjustments to workloads and ways of working when required, and seeking support from occupational health services to deal with cases of ill health. These include, for example, performance management and recognition, employee engagement, enabling employee voice, creating and maintaining a learning culture, and achieving employee work-life balance. Relationship between HR and line managers The relationship between the HR function and line managers has been subject to a number of changes and tensions in recent years.

3 ways hr professionals support line mangers and their staf

Learn how to maintain the staff members and volunteers of your organization as well as keeping them focused and determined to overcome difficulties. Why should you give support to staff and volunteers? When give support to staff and volunteers? How do you provide support for staff and volunteers? The most important part of building a house is getting the foundation right, because a house needs proper support to maintain its structure.

Proper support maintains the staff members and volunteers of groups and organizations as well, keeping them focused and determined over time and through difficulties.

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Support for volunteers and staff helps workers to do their jobs more quickly, effectively, and comfortably. In the previous section, we discussed the importance of supervising staff and volunteers. Supervision is one form of support, but support goes beyond just that.

It can take a variety of forms — physical, professional, emotional, intellectual, and financial. Supporting staff and volunteers mean providing them with the right training, backing them up, rewarding them for their work, supervising them properly and regularly, keeping their morale high, and making sure they have whatever they need to do their jobs successfully.

3 ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff

There are as many reasons to support the people that work with you as there are reasons to care about them. Other reasons to provide support include: To maintain a high level of morale within your group To prevent burnout To keep lines of communication open To make your organization appealing to potential members To keep quality staff members, and by doing so, maintain and improve the quality of the service you provide When should you provide support?

There is never a time you shouldn't give support to your staff and volunteers. Skilled, contented workers are what makes an organization effective and worthwhile, and a great amount of care should be taken to see that talented people remain with your agency or community group.

However, at certain times, workers will need or appreciate more support than usual. When they are new. Almost everyone feels uncertain when they begin a new job, whether it is paid or volunteer.

Training and Development

Show workers right from the start that they are an integral part of your agency, and bend over backward to ensure that they get what they need to do the best job they can.

When they are going through difficulties or change in their personal life such as a divorce or the death of a loved one.

3 ways hr professionals support line mangers and their staf

Make sure your employees or staff members know you care about them as people, not just as a set of hands, and that you are concerned about what happens to them.

On special occasions such as birthdays and graduations.

3 ways hr professionals support line mangers and their staf

As support can mean many things, it makes sense that there are various ways you can provide it. In providing support for volunteers and staff, consider the issue from these different angles:Jun 29,  · Ongoing and open communication between managers and employees can help keep professional objectives clear, projects focused and potential workplace conflicts from getting out of hand.

Oct 29,  · To motivate your employees, provide a work environment with good lighting, comfortable furniture, and enough room to do their jobs.

Additionally, keep the kitchen or break room stocked with drinks and snacks, and bring in special lunches or holiday treats, since food can be a great motivator. Top 5 Skills for Effective Employee Management.

Lead a more productive staff with these five tips. 3.

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Deal with confrontation. You employ a team of professionals in whom you trust, and if they advise against your ideas or initiatives, it may be in your best interests to heed their advice.

Throughout the world, countries are experiencing shortages of health care workers. Policy-makers and system managers have developed a range of methods and initiatives to optimise the available workforce and achieve the right number and mix of personnel needed to provide high-quality care.

Give employees structured ways to make their thoughts, feelings and observations known easily and regularly. Help them understand that their input is valued even if you decide to go a different way. Report on 3 HR activities that support the organisation’s strategy and 3 ways HR professionals support line managers and their staff Thank you for the opportunity to present the HR competency in order to retain the HR function in the organisation.

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