A discussion on the great coalition in canada

The panel, which took place Nov.

A discussion on the great coalition in canada

Revolution Click to expand Well, I can tell you than the India section is loaded with errors. India never wanted to unify the subcontinent at all.

Indira, for one is far too smart to ever want to accomplish an absurd goal which would result in hundreds of millions of resentful people. Characterizing her as an expansionist tyrant is flawed. I mean, the reason she gave for the intervention in the Bangladesh Liberation War was to stop the genocide occurring there - appearances are everything to her.

Furthermore, the INC never wanted to unify the subcontinent. Whereas almost every Indian saw and continues to see Partition as a gigantic failure after it killed a million people, this does not suddenly turn into supporting the conquest of Pakistan. It would never join the USSR in a war. Sanjay was devoted to his mother.

And I mean insanely devoted to his mother. He even wanted her to become the president under a centralized constitution, but she refused and decided in favour of the position of PM being stronger. He would literally never grow apart from her, pro-Soviet policies or not.

A discussion on the great coalition in canada

The only reason Rajiv got into politics at all was because Sanjay died. If all that had occurred was some family conflict, he would never get into politics, no matter how much Indira begins to "favour" him.

A discussion on the great coalition in canada

Are you genuinely presenting Sanjay as smarter than his mother? Indira was smart - too smart to get into a war that would destroy India.

Communists would never have the position to be grooming the would-be leader. A coup in India successful so quickly like this is totally implausible.

First of all, respect for constitutional authority is too high. A coup would, by its very nature, be extraconstitutional. A coup would need to take control of the state governments as well as the capital, which is impossible due to state loyalties. In that scenario, the state governments would simply continue to recognize the rightful government.

Also, state rivalries are a real issue in the country, so any coup may result in balkanization, which any coup plotter would want to avoid especially if they want to save the country. A coup would probably result in the opposite. India is too large and diverse to see a military coup.

Even if a coup is attempted, it would at best end up either failing entirely and at worst succeeding partially only to tick off a brutal civil war. Quite frankly, this is insulting to the millions he sterilized and the hundreds of thousands he forced out of their homes.

According to The Sanjay Story by Vinod Mehta, "[T]he mother, meanwhile, was preoccupied with her legal and moral understanding of the country. Arrogant and haughty as she was, she nevertheless courted public opinion, which, as it was reflected then, suggested that she step down temporarily, win her appeal in the Supreme Court, and then step back with all of the flourish of someone who has been handsomely vindicated.

At one stroke she would manifest her innocence and also her respect for the law of the land". The book goes on to talk about how Sanjay convinced her to declare martial law instead and formulated much of the plan behind her period of dictatorship.

Clearly, Sanjay was far more authoritarian than Indira ever was. If you want, I can quote more passages proving the sheer authoritarianism of Sanjay, even in comparison to his mother.Dec 03,  · Coalition.

Discussion in 'Canadian Trip Planning & Community Board' started by Tantor I'm undecided about whether a coalition is the best form of government for Canada right now, but I disagree with the idea that a coalition is a form of dictatorship or somehow undemocratic.

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There was no great outcry from the canadian public to change. Sep 03,  · What does it look like in the United States/Canada? Also, what was Australia and New Zealand role in the war Quick Nav Forums > Discussion > Alternate History Discussion: After > New Deal Coalition Retained Pt II: World on Fire.

Discussion in 'Alternate History Everybody should lighten up and keep the discussion cheerful. King. The Great Big Crunch On March 1st, join Food Secure Canada, the Coalition for Healthy School Food and FoodShare Toronto in a Great Big Crunch!

Students, teachers, parents and others who are passionate about food are invited to share their enthusiasm in a national moment of anti-silence.

This is a potent case-study in the ongoing discussion about gender, language, free speech, and hate speech; and it raises a serious question for Christians in Canada, which is this: How should we participate in .

The Great Coalition of united Reformers and Conservatives in the cause of constitutional reform. And as long as John A. Macdonald's Liberal Conservative coalition in Canada West remained in alliance with Conservative majorities in Canada East, non-partisan discussion on ways to break the political logjam of Canadian politics.

The judge’s ruling, and Premier Ford’s response to it, is a reminder that democracy is on trial in Ontario. Legal battles, and the Premier’s disregard of the role the judicial system plays in upholding democratic human rights, are just the beginning.

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