A history of how microsoft corporation made its success in it business

Ric WeilandMiriam Lubow [6] Gates described this photo in as "that famous picture that provides indisputable proof that your average computer geek from the late s was not exactly on the cutting edge of fashion. Allen and Gates had neither an interpreter nor an Altair system, yet in the eight weeks before the demo, they developed an interpreter. Allen came up with the original name of Micro-Soft, a portmanteau of microcomputer and software.

A history of how microsoft corporation made its success in it business

Being a child, Bill Gates already possessed a prospective businessman talent, especially in mathematics. It is not accidental that at school he scored points in the mathematical part of the intelligence test, showing the best result.

Inwhen Bill and his high school friend Paul Allen went to middle school, the school administration decided to buy a computer time from the General Electric Company.

A history of how microsoft corporation made its success in it business

From that point on, my friends and I spent most of our free time writing programs and figuring out how to make the computer to do interesting things. The new contract allowed Gates and his friends to continue their experiments.

A teenage Bill Gates Young hackers quickly figured out the intricacies of the machine, found the weaknesses and started causing trouble — they broke the defense, which on several occasions led to a system failure and changed the files that contained records of computer time.

Remembering the destructive activities of computer users from Lakeside, CCC invited Bill Gates and his friends to identify flaws and security holes. As a payment, the company offered endless computer time for young hackers.

A history of how microsoft corporation made its success in it business

Sure thing, Bill and his friends could not refuse. For instance, one project of Gates was a program for scheduling classes. In addition to troubleshooting, they studied each material on automated calculations and improved their skills. Success is a lousy teacher.

Young programmers got down to business looking for an area where to apply their knowledge. Inthe Information Sciences hired Bill Gates and Paul Allen to create software that would be make-up payroll sheet.

In addition to unlimited computer time employers have agreed to pay the developers every time their software will bring the company profit.

The young programmers regularly received orders. Bill Gates was the initiator who said: He was only 15 years old! For a year, Bill did not approach the object of his passion, reading the biographies of famous people from Napoleon to Roosevelt.

Most of his time spent at Harvard: Of course, Bill Gates was cunning that the language is specifically designed for Altair, but the program showed a perfect match from the very first time.

This option satisfied the managers, who offered young people the work on creating programming languages. Establishment and Development of Microsoft In June,Bill Gates creates a company for software development and names it Microsoft the first version was Micro-Soft.

Despite of the hard work of its employees, the company at first experienced some difficulties with distribution of any software products. Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Early next year, Gates and Allen found out that the income of the company has dropped to the lowest affordable point.

Many people simply copied the MS-Basic and handed it to someone else.

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In addition, these copies contained some mistakes which he wanted to reduce before the formal release of MS-Basic. Gates wrote an open letter in Februarywhich was published in a newsletter for Altair users. In response, the Gates Foundation has received letters, but only a few of them contained a check.

Bill Gates was the very first to state the need in a protection of the software. His actions have made an incredible contribution to the gradual introduction of a thought that a computer program is a product of creativity and therefore must be protected in the same way as a musical composition or a literary work.

Init became obvious that Bill Gates could not continue his studies and manage a growing company at the same time. In December, he left the university, despite of all the objections of his parents, and fully engaged with the business. At that time, he was only twenty one. The company, based in Albuquerque, New Mexico, had a staff of 13 people.Few companies can claim to have dramatically changed the way that the world does business.

Microsoft, one of the world’s top software companies, certainly can. Sony Corporation Story; the company’s first true operating system and its biggest business success to date. Microsoft is an American public multinational corporation headquartered in Redmond, Washington, USA that develops, manufactures, licenses, and supports a wide range of products and services predominantly related to computing through its various product divisions.

Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT” @microsoft) enables digital transformation for the era of an intelligent cloud and an intelligent edge. Its mission is to empower every .


In their annual report, Microsoft lists its financial highlights. The "Cash & Short Term Investments" entry for really stands out. It's amazing that such a large company has nearly $38 billion in the bank. Microsoft unveiled its version with the first release of the Windows operating system (its successor to DOS) in November The Apple Computer Corporation later unsuccessfully sued Microsoft for copying the "look and feel" of the operating system used in Apple's Macintosh computer.

Apr 15,  · As Merrill Chapman argued in his book, In Search of Stupidity, the answer is that Microsoft has never made any major blunders. Its management might have missed a .

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