Aloha case essay

Hawaii, like Alaska, does not border any other U. It is the only U. In addition to the eight main islands, the state has many smaller islands and islets.

Aloha case essay

The company should first understand the characteristic of the coffee industry itself. First Aloha case essay all, the coffee trade originated from the grower to the buyer either broker or roasters are made based on a very good relationship.

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In short it is a trust business. After getting sufficient knowledge about the characteristic of coffee trading method, the company also should pay attention upon the emerging trends that the overall coffee drinker numbers are shrinking although coffee specialty drinks are still in a big favor.

The company has an autonomous purchasing unit that deals with the coffee purchasing and supplies it to the other production department in the company.

Aloha case essay

The unit maintains a good relationship with the coffee brokerage and their suppliers. The unit also treats each contract made as an individual contract.

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The contracts are usually made long time before the delivery date. Applying those methods the company gets both benefits and disadvantages.

The company is still be able to book a rationale profit but also a lot of the department in the company are dissatisfied with the practice. The company harvested complaints from the department concerning of the gross margin computing method and also the strategy execution.

If I may suggest, first of all, the company better build a good relationship to the grower instead of the broker. The company even can do the vertical integration if they find a qualified grower to keep their supply all year long. It is because the contracts that treated individually and cost the company a lot of problem.

The cost tends to be bigger that they appear. The contract with the brokerage was made long time before the delivery date, and in the delivery date there are still some obstacles that can drive the cost higher than before.

In short, the company is exposed to too many risks by applying the existed methods.

Aloha case essay

It was stated in the case that they experienced loss in the contract with Kona no. The company was facing a declining demand on the due date of the delivery time. Second thing, the autonomy of its purchasing unit is rationale because of its significance in dealing with the raw materials.

In fact, sometimes the autonomy issue can lead one unit into the loss of proper control of the entral unit. Therefore, it is okay to let the unit to have such autonomy but the central office still have to control and maintain the degree of its autonomous. In dealing with the performance measurement of the departments among the company, EVA approach could suit best here.Essay Case Studies w.

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Performed at the H.I.C. Arena in Honolulu on January 14, , Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite was the first, worldwide live satellite broadcast of a concert - broadcast to over 40 Nations and screened to others several weeks later.

Case Aloha Products (Summary) Essay ALOHA PRODUCTS Aloha products is an over a century existing coffee seller that deals with a wide range of customers. Top management is regulated by the members of the founding family.

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