Angela martin thesis

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Angela martin thesis

The Context Student motivation and engagement play an important role in learning and academic achievement. Closely related to motivation is self-discipline, the ability of students to monitor and control their own behaviors. Students who are highly self-disciplined may be able to better focus on long-term goals and make better choices related to academic engagement.

In addition, the concept of self-discipline focuses on students' own ability to engage in or refrain from engaging in particular behaviors, rather than reliance on external motivations, rewards, or punishments. Although researchers have looked at self-discipline in young children and college-age students, little research has examined the role of self-discipline in the academic success of adolescents.

The Angela martin thesis Angela Duckworth and Martin Seligman conducted the study highlighted in this issue of ResearchBrief see below for full citation. The research progressed in two stages: The research was designed to test three hypotheses: To test these hypotheses, the researchers created a composite measure of student self-discipline based on data from multiple survey questionnaires administered to students, their parents, and teachers.

The researchers then compared results from this composite measure to a variety of academic indicators, including student grades, standardized assessment scores, and admission to a selective academic program.

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The researchers looked at two successive cohorts of 8th grade students in a public magnet school in the northeastern United States. The first cohort comprised students 71 percent of the 8th grade classand the second included students 83 percent of the 8th grade class.

In both cohorts, just over half of the students were Caucasian and approximately one-third were African American. Asian students were the next-largest subgroup, followed by Latino students and American Indians.

The authors described the school as socioeconomically diverse but did not supply specific details.

Angela martin thesis

Admission to the magnet school was restricted on the basis of previous grades and test scores. Although the self-discipline measures were similar across the two cohorts, the researchers did change one questionnaire that participants in the first cohort found confusing.

They also added to the second study the administration of an IQ test to examine the relationship between intelligence, self-discipline, and academic achievement. Across both cohorts, the researchers found that self-disciplined students performed significantly better than more impulsive students on every academic indicator they measured, including grades, achievement tests, admission to a competitive high school program, and attendance.

Students with a high degree of self-discipline also spent more time on homework and watched less television. Self-discipline also predicted academic performance much better than did IQ, and the researchers estimated that self-discipline accounted for twice as much variance in GPA as IQ did.

The Bottom Line Students with a strong sense of self-discipline significantly outperformed their less-disciplined peers on a range of academic indicators, including grades, achievement test scores, and attendance. Additionally, self-discipline appears to be a better predictor of academic gain than is intelligence as measured by an IQ test.

Students in the 8th grade were the focus of this study.

Angela martin thesis

Despite the fact that the research shows that self-discipline and achievement are related correlatedit is difficult to claim the relationship is causal e. Because the magnet school was selective, the study findings may not generalize to other populations.

Even though the study found a strong link between student self-discipline and academic achievement, it does not explain why student self-discipline varies or discuss ways to increase self-discipline.

The appearance of self-discipline may also be the result of behavioral constraints at home or school, rather than truly internalized behaviors. The Study Duckworth, A. Self-discipline outdoes IQ in predicting academic performance of adolescents.

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