Corporate governance in business plan

Owners of businesses of all sizes are employing the concepts of corporate governance to develop a strategic plan for operations. This includes systems and procedures designed to structure authority, balance responsibility and provide accountability to stakeholders at all levels. In essence, corporate governance is about balancing profitability with sustainability. External Stakeholders Recognizing your external stakeholders is an important part of corporate governance.

Corporate governance in business plan

Governance System - Listen to people involved, identify suspected key indicators, measure, attempt improvement, track, analyze, learn, and repeat; while strategic planning is viewed as a process for determining where an organization is going over the next year or—more typically—3 to 5 years long term.

So is strategic planning actually part of corporate governance or governance is also a component in strategic planning? What is the "reflection" of board governance that occurs in the form of executive management in their role in creating, planning and executing strategic direction?

How should business strategy development be governed? How should EA be governed? Also, how should IT be governed? Corporate governance operates by the Boards of Directors delegating authority downward to a series of governance committees and boards with responsibility for investment, risk, compliance, finance, compensation, architecture, policy, etc.

The "Policy Committee" is generally the senior governance group below the Board of Directors. These governance groups will oversee and monitor alignment and progress against Strategy, Plan, and Policy.

Corporate Governance

They do not participate in the day-to-day operation of the organization. That is the responsibility of management. No manager should govern their own function. Each function should have a governance group. The board of directors is the governance group for the CEO, and so on down the management hierarchy.

Though there are other dimensions to corporate governance that aren't associated with strategy, just as there are dimensions of strategy that never have anything to do with corporate governance.

They are overseen by a governance group. An example of this being an enterprise architecture review board EARB having oversight for all enterprise architecture-related programs, projects, and the entire EA portfolio.

corporate governance in business plan

This is because the EA provides the top-level guidance and functional requirements that drive the domain architectures. As a result, the EA serves as a very good tool in translating corporate priorities into specific initiatives that can be used to tie in governance efforts.

Equally, there are many aspects which can be adequately addressed through the normal delegation of controls approach of the managerial structure within an enterprise.

That is how finance operates. That is what an org structure and job specs do. The problem is that they create information and process silos and governance is needed to create a more effective process and information enabled enterprises.

What are the possible governance structures and mechanisms for these things?

corporate governance in business plan

The governance structure of an enterprise is as important as the business function structure or organizational structure and often misunderstood to be settled.

This creates a lot of confusion political infighting in larger organizations. Governance, for example, does senior management committees make informed proactive and timely decisions to achieve desired results?

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