George vancouver essay

George Vancouver entered the Royal Navy in Though he had the nominal rank of able-bodied seaman, Vancouver was actually a midshipman-in-training. William Walesa noted astronomer, was a supernumerary on board, and Vancouver was privileged to receive instruction under him.

George vancouver essay

June 22, Death Date: May 10, Place of Birth: King's Lynn, Norfolk, England Nationality: His most famous undertaking was his exploration of the North Pacific coast of North America. George Vancouver was born in England and at the age of 13 began his naval career as an able seaman under Capt.

James Cook on the Resolution. He was a midshipman on Cook's famous third voyage in the Discovery. In Vancouver was promoted to lieutenant and served several years in the West Indies. In Vancouver attained the rank of commander and the following year was given command of a new Discovery.

His first assignment was to take over the Nootka Sound territory from the Spanish after an incident there had threatened war between England and Spain. After making new exploration around Australia and New Zealand and passing by Tahiti and Hawaii, Vancouver remained in the North Pacific, carrying out extensive exploratory trips from San Francisco northward, largely devoted to ascertaining the possibility of the elusive Northwest Passage.

He was the first to chart accurately the large island which bears his name. Vancouver was a rigid disciplinarian and a demanding officer. He neither sought nor received the affection of his men, but he was respected.

He was equally intolerant of the often bizarre theories of European geographers.

George vancouver essay

His meticulous observations and stern logic largely substantiated the claims of Cook and blasted the hopes for a passage through North America anywhere to the south of Arctic waters. Vancouver returned to England in by way of Cape Horn and began the preparation of his journals. He had corrected all but a few pages when he died at Petersham on May 10, The work was completed by his brother and published a few months after George Vancouver's death.

Further Reading On Vancouver's career at sea, the obvious source is his own account, A Voyage of Discovery to the North Pacific Coast, which was published in three volumes in The best account of his life is by George Godwin, Vancouver: A Life, Two recent studies are also good:George VancouverGeorge Vancouver was an English navigator who completed one of the most difficult surveys ever taken, that of the Pacific coast of North America, from the surroundings of San Francisco northward to present-day British Columbia.

Essay: President George Washington President George Washington was the first president of the United States. Before he left office, he gave his farewell address, which ‘was never delivered by . At midnight on May 30, , British explorer George Vancouver (), sailing on the Discovery, drops anchor at Elliott Point, the site of present-day Mukilteo.

The following morning crewmembers from the Discovery disembark for exploration. Captain George Vancouver’s visit to Puget.

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George Vancouver, (born June 22, , King’s Lynn, Norfolk, England—died May 10, , Richmond, Surrey), English navigator who, with great precision, completed one of the most difficult surveys ever undertaken, that of the Pacific coast of North America, from the vicinity of San Francisco northward to present-day British Columbia.

Vancouver, "The Discovery and Chatham Proceed to the Northwest in Search of a Northwest Passage," 26 pp, April 20, ; Photocopy manuscript letter from Evan Nepean, 1 p, undated, regarding Vancouver as choice for commander of expedition; Photocopy manuscript essay by.

The role George Vancouver played in Oregon history is tangential, yet it is foundational to the developments that radically changed the region during the early nineteenth century.

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