Grishams and stones view on the reasons behind youth violence

Many critics, reviewers, and fans anticipated this pairing hoping for insight into the current and future of Canadian poetry and poetics. The two discussants are the heavyweights of Canadian poetry. He claims that each vowel has a personality evident in the text.

Grishams and stones view on the reasons behind youth violence

What makes a book newsworthy? There are a number of factors that can bring a book into the public spotlight; this volume covers a wide selection of titles that illustrate the many ways in which a book can become newsworthy.

Sometimes it involves a unique character perspective, such as that offered by Susie Salmon in The Lovely Bones.

The power of the spoken word

It might offer a distinctive literary style, like True History of the Kelly Gang does. It might even present a new way of considering widely accepted truths and beliefs, as in The Da Vinci Code.

Grishams and stones view on the reasons behind youth violence

For these books, reading groups and simple word of mouth helped them reach readers who might otherwise never have explored them. Conversely, for a select few authors, the publication of any new book is a cause for public attention; both Stephen King and John Grisham enjoy enough popularity to be regarded as newsmakers, not so much for specific titles as for their overall bodies of literary work.

A book might also become newsworthy because of its connections to other forms of media. While the Harry Potter franchise was wildly popular even before the first film adaptation was made, the movies have expanded the audience for the books; each new Harry Potter book is now considered a mammoth publishing event.

"Monster" Is Just A Matter Of Perspective

Some books are newsworthy because they reflect current events. Nickel and Dimed deals with the dramatic rise in minimum-wage and service industry jobs in America over the past decade and explores whether or not a person can truly support herself with such a job.

Even when it does not center on current events, literature, by its very nature, captures and defines the time in which it is written.

Descriptions reflect the world as the author and readers see it; metaphors and symbolism occur in a specific cultural context that resonates with the audience and emphasizes their meanings.

Of course, the main purpose of literature is generally not to define a culture for study by future generations. Literature is meant to entertain us, enlighten us, expand our perspectives, and even incite discussion and change. This book offers a survey of literary works that span this spectrum.

Some, like Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, offer sheer escapist entertainment; others, like Nickel and Dimed, are intended to bring to light issues seldom discussed in the media and public sphere. Though they may achieve their goals through dramatically different methods, all these books are meant to move us in some way.

This is why a survey of contemporary works serves as a snapshot of our culture. The themes found here are the very things that move us most.

Language Log: May Archives

They are the issues that concern us as a society: Literature is indeed a window to the culture in which it is created. Literary Newsmakers for Students offers a broad overview of works that have captured the spirit and imagination of our contemporary society. By analyzing their structures, themes, and contexts of these literary works, perhaps we can gain a deeper understanding of our contemporary society and what is most important to us.News & Public Affairs Spirituality & Religion Sports Videos Television Videogame Videos Vlogs Youth Media.

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Grishams and stones view on the reasons behind youth violence

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