How do you write a film score

The resulting suite is then used by the editors during the editing of the film and becomes a guide to the composer. It seemed also a great way to build your relationship with the director and the picture over time rather than rushing at the end, and to have the music grown into an organic, integral part of the film.

How do you write a film score

Describing an average fee for scoring a feature film has a similar problem. Many more aspiring film composers aren't included in this statistic because they never break into the industry, sometimes after years of trying.

The Nature of the Job When you land a scoring assignment, you immediately have several obligations that can be in conflict.

how do you write a film score

In fact, figuring out how to resolve those conflicts without being fired is an important skill for a film scorer. Alternatively, you may not meet anyone until after you've started work. Sometimes, you'll receive detailed instructions about what the director wants out of the score, but you really can't count on its accuracy.

At other times, you'll receive two different instructions, one from the director, the other from the producer. Often, those instructions will be in conflict. At other times still, the instruction can be as minimal as, "Let's see what you come up with.

You can follow all the instructions in the world, but if the score doesn't work — doesn't add drama, emphasis, impact and depth to the film — your score is probably going to get replaced anyway.

As the composer, your job includes getting along with all these high-powered, sometimes short-tempered personalities. In addition to having formidable composition skills and being able to turn out prodigious amounts of music quickly, the film composer's job requires being affable and flexible.

A sense of humor helps.

Basically, it's important for you to be someone your clients will enjoy spending time with. Hollywood is extremely collegial. A specific education isn't necessary, although most successful American composers are graduates of four-year college music programs. Getting a degree in music and especially in film scoring is a good start, but it won't get you work.

There are a lot of composers and only about films come out of Hollywood each year. A composer with a good agent and reputation can score at least a couple of films each year.

This means that no more than composers can fill the industry's need.

how do you write a film score

Meanwhile, the colleges, music schools and universities are graduating several times that many aspiring film composers every year. Early in his career, a young Jeff Beal who won an Emmy for best dramatic score in asked John Williams, "What will it take to become a film composer? One good way to get your first score is to know someone in the industry who can help you, which reinforces the necessity for film composers to be good with people.

Developing a reputation in another music field is also a good way in — Danny Elfman's work with new wave rock group Oingo Boingo brought him to the attention of director Tim Burton, who talked Elfman into scoring "Pee-wee's Big Adventure" Elfman, now one of the highest-paid composers in Hollywood, had no formal training and wasn't sure he could do it.

Many composers have done their first score without any pay at all, simply for the credit and the modest amount of revenue that may eventually come from BMI or ASCAP royalties. The Future of Film Scoring Netflix is now officially the big dog in the room.

This will have significant consequences going forward, and the impact for film and television composers alike will be significant. Netflix doesn't pay anything like what Hollywood pays. Netflix scoring budgets are respectable for television, but not for theatrical films.

As the industry gradually shifts away from theatrical releases and further toward television, there's no indication that Netflix or any of the other streaming or video-on-demand companies will pay the kind of money for a score that was attainable in lateth-century Hollywood.

The Craft and Business of Music for Film

Consequently, the most reasonable prediction about scoring budgets is that on average they'll continue to decline. Among musicians in the industry, there's near unanimity that those days are gone for good. On the other hand, Netflix and the other streaming and on-demand services are pushing out an incredible amount of product, which means there will be room for more composers to actually make a living from scoring than in Hollywood's heyday.

Overall, it's likely that in the near future there'll be more scoring employment available, but it will pay less.A film score (also sometimes called background score, background music, film soundtrack, film music, or incidental music) is original music written specifically to accompany a film.

I wrote a minute score for a student film in college in about 16 hours. It used samples, so I played all the instrumental parts with keyboard. Didn't have to mess with recordings. If there weren’t pressure (I was asked to write the music 24 hou. It's quite an art to write music that both works with the film but is not pulling the listeners focus from the film, like a purely symphonic work would do.

It can't be that demanding. The score of a film is more often one of the last parts of the film to come together.

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The pacing and balance of a film score is a very important facet of the art of film-scoring. No cue we write exists in a vacuum. It is always affected by what came before and what comes after, whether that is silence or source music or another cue.

are looking for in film score. Keep in mind, I am not talking about John Williams per If you really want to be a film composer, you have to divorce yourself from your 12 Besides writing hit songs, film composing is about the only lucrative job for somebody who composes music for a living.

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