Information technology managment

Technology Management What is Technology Management?

Information technology managment

Offered through the Richard A. Major in Information Technology Management Our ITM major explores the application of web-based and object-oriented information technologies, and develops the logical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to succeed in a continuously changing IT landscape.

Certain courses also will offer you hands-on experience with real-world enterprise resource planning software, allowing you to put classroom theory into practice.

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Information Technology with Supply Chains. Systems Analysis and Design They'll then select three from the following: Project Management ITM ITM internship Internships and Careers Students who major in information technology management from SLU have a strong set of skills in problem solving, information utilization and business communication.

Information technology managment

Possible career paths for someone with an undergraduate degree in IT management include systems analysts, web developers, systems designers, network administrators, database administrators, software engineers and system support specialists.

Students who combine an IT management major with a second area of business major in accounting, finance, management or marketing may also become technology analysts.The Information Technology and Administrative Management department prepares students for success in high demand careers and job advancement in the modern workforce through industry-driven programs, quality teaching, and personal advising.

Information technology includes many career paths and skill sets. Learn networking, cyber security, and cloud computing to launch a future in a new field. These concentrations can prepare you to work as a network engineer, security analyst, and much more.

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The information technology management (ITM) Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) program is designed for graduate students interested in pursuing the advanced study of business and ITM. Students can. The Department of Information Technology and Administrative Management (ITAM) offers exciting major, minor and graduate programs blending high-demand technical skills with soft skills such as leadership and supervision.

Information technology management includes many of the basic functions of management, such as staffing, organizing, budgeting and control, but it also has functions that are unique to IT, such as software development, change management, network planning and tech support.

Information Technology Management Overview Carnegie Mellon University’s Information Technology/ Information Systems Management programs are consistently ranked among the world's elite in information technology and information technology management.

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