My life in a bag

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My life in a bag

Being polite has it's downsides. Oh dear, I have eaten too much. I was presented with a massive cooked dinner on Sunday, someone had gone to a lot of trouble to lay on the feast, five of us My life in a bag round a table and scoffed.

I am very appreciative of the kindness of others, so I had to be kind back and eat almost the whole plateful. It's rude not to eat what is put in front of you, and I hate wasting food, so I soldiered on. I did my best, didn't want to leave half of it, even though I was bursting at the seams.

I had to stop short of clearing the whole lot, some cabbage and peas were left on the edge of the plate. I do have big platefuls of food sometimes at home, but it is always vegetables or salad. If I can't manage all of it I put it in the fridge to be added to lunch the next day.

My life in a bag

The feeling of fullness never lasts long, because salad and veg passes through the body quite quickly. It's not a good idea to eat tons of heavy food which will linger a while longer.

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The stomach stretches to compensate for over indulgence, then you get the feeling that there is a blockage as some of it gets stuck half way down. I was still full when I got to the hotel, the Holiday Inn, by the way, very nice hotel, so I was able to collapse on the bed and watch tele. I was still full the next morning when I went down for breakfast.

I rationed myself to a bowl of cornflakes, and beans and scrambled egg on a slice of bread. I could have gone the whole hog and ordered a full veggie breakfast, but the though of it made me feel sick. I had to eat something though, not good to binge eat and later starve yourself.

I rang my Auntie to see if she was in for a visit. The first thing she said was, I haven't got anything vegetarian in. People always thing vegetarians have a completely different diet than everyone else. I never expect people to prepare special food for me, I will eat what they eat, except for the meat, fish, and gravy.

I said, Auntie, I don't need to eat, I am still stuffed from last night, and I have just had breakfast. She is so kind.

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So I had a cup of coffee with her and a catch up natter. Next onto sisters in the afternoon. Starting to feel like I ought to eat something so she made me a cheese sandwich, that was just right, will keep me going till I get home.

I drove past Tesco, couldn't be bothered to call in, the thought of buying more food, yuk, can't face it. At 7pm I had a small bowl of soup. This morning I had porridge with a few frozen fruits.Dec 21,  · Three items in a bag represent the past, present and future of this guy's life.

O! My gosh, that was fascinating! I have honestly never considered popcorn to be anything more than a cheap nasty snack sold at cinemas.

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I feel all enlightened now (and peckish!) and I really would love to have a bash at making Popcorn properly. Find great deals on eBay for brics life.

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