Secret river context essay

Thursday, 3 March Sample Essay Response This is a copy of an essay that I wrote in relation to a given prompt on the context of conflict. This was written in about ten minutes and needs some work. I have included it so that you are able to look at it critically.

Secret river context essay

Ray, who is both neglectful and abusive. Lying in bed in her room at night, Lily is often visited by bees that seem to be at home with her. Lily holds a terrible and guilty secret: She believes she shot and killed her mother, Deborah, when Lily was four years old.

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Her vague memory of that day — when her parents were arguing and she picked up and shot the gun that her mother had dropped — continues to haunt her, and she yearns to know more about her mother.

When Rosaleen watches President Johnson sign the Civil Rights Act on television, she decides she will register to vote. She and Lily walk into town but are accosted by three white men who harass Rosaleen. Rosaleen angrily pours the contents of her snuff jar on their shoes, and the men beat her right in front of Lily.

The police arrive and arrest Rosaleen, taking her and Lily to jail. Ray comes to pick Lily up, he is angry and berates her for such stupid behavior.

He also scares her when he explains that Rosaleen may be killed by the men she insulted.

Secret river context essay

This terrifies Lily because she loves Rosaleen. Once home, Lily stands up to her father during an argument, and T. Ray hurts her by saying that ten years ago her mother was only coming back to get her clothes; that is, that she had planned to abandon Lily. Earlier, Lily captured some bees in a jar, and now she sees they have escaped.

Like the bees, she also plans to escape, leaving behind her abusive father and freeing Rosaleen. Ray leaves temporarily to work on his workers' payroll, Lily sneaks away, carrying with her a bag of things her mother, Deborah, had left earlier, including a photo of a black Mary, mother of Jesus.

Lily manages to free Rosaleen, and they hitchhike to Tilburon, South Carolina, because Deborah had written that town on the back of the picture in Lily's bag.

Lily hopes it's a clue to help her find out about her mother. Once they reach Tilburon, Lily sees the exact same picture of Mary on honey jars at a small grocery store. After inquiring about the label, Lily finds it belongs to a local black family of sisters — called the Boatrights — who are beekeepers.

Lily and Rosaleen go to the bright pink Boatright house outside of town and are welcomed and taken in.

Secret river context essay

Lily lies about their earlier life and hopes to stay long enough to find out whether her mother was ever there. August Boatright and her sisters, May and June, have a lucrative honey business on twenty-eight acres of land.

June is suspicious of and distant from Lily, and May seems slow and emotional. They also meet Neil, June's boyfriend of many years, who wants to marry June but keeps getting rejected. The other sister, May, is oversensitive to pain, and when she gets upset she must write down the sorrowful thing on a paper and stick it in a crack at her "wailing wall," a wall of stones on the farm.

This behavior seems to be connected to the suicide of June's twin sister, April, years earlier. As time passes, Lily helps August with the beekeeping, and Rosaleen keeps an eye on May in the house.The Secret River is an epic tragedy in which a good man is compelled by desperation, fear, ambition and love to participate in a terrible crime against humanity.

CREDITS. An essay on Kate Greenvilles novel, The Secret River, discussing the different contexts on which the main character is portrayed.

Any feedback would be would be appreciated at [email protected] The essay was marked out of The Secret River was, to begin with, the irresistibly intriguing title of Kate Grenville’s work of historical fiction, the story of a convict-made-good, a man who, after toil and trouble.

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When you write a piece you will need to indicate whether you are using The Secret River or The Rugmaker to inform your writing.

You also need to provide a mini statement of explanation that outlines form, audience, purpose and context. The Secret River Analytical Essay Adapting The Secret River for the Stage - Perspectives and Context A Comparative Study of Journeys within Different Texts and Text Types: Skrzynecki, Atwood, and Grenville.

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