Should the australian flag be changed essay

At least generations of these peoples had lived and died here.

Should the australian flag be changed essay

Should the Australian Flag Be Changed?

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July 16, To: Essay samples The Australian flag was designed in after a competition was held to allow Australians to design our own flag — something that had never been done before. However, years on and there is a debate on why the Australian flag should be changed.

During this article, we will discuss both sides of the debate. Our current flag simply is not an aboriginal flag and therefore does not represent Aboriginal Australians. Our flag is sending the message that we are far prouder to be united with Great Britain than our own people.

Furthermore, the Union Jack is a very big part of our flag which represents a message that is not important to our country.

Should the australian flag be changed essay

The Union Jack represents the uniting of England, Scotland and Ireland which forms Great Britain but this is simply not a key part of what it means to be Australian. While people feel that it is important to show our relationship with Great Britain, our population is much more than that.

Why shouldn't you change the Australian flag

Lastly, our flag is not at all recognisable and is far too similar to other flags. It is time that we should update our flag to accurately represent Australia how it is today and re-design it so that it is instantly recognisable. We held a competition which allowed citizens of Australia to design our flag, this alone shows the kind of people and country that we are.

We were the first country in history to involve our people in the design process of our flag which shows that we are wanting our people to have a voice.

The Flag Debate

When people debate that our flag should be changed, it is argued as if it is a logo when it is much more than it — it is a national symbol of our country and not something that should be allowed to be changed so flippantly.

All of the aspects within the flags design has a significance to Australia. The Southern Cross is important to Aboriginal mythology and the Union Jack represents the European settlement that came from Great Britain which is reflected in our language, rule of law and system of parliament and government.

Additionally, the Federation Star represents our democratic system. If the change goes ahead, then there will be a lot of people getting assignments done for the project and it could take a long time before there is an agreed design and it being commercially ready.Mar 11,  · For an essay in school, I have to write about whether the Australian Flag should be changed or kept the same and whether it represents us Resolved.

Australia Day is Australia’s national day commemorating January 26, , the date on which Captain Arthur Phillip raised the flag of Great Britain and proclaimed a colonial outpost of the.

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The Flag Debate. Debate about changing the Australian national flag often arouses great passions - on both sides! Recently, great debate has arisen regarding changing the flag via a referendum or plebiscite - we give you the full story! Other Australian flags Provides a brief history of other Australian flags including the Australian Aboriginal flag, the Torres Strait Island flag and many ensigns used in defence and civilian organisations.

Should the australian flag be changed essay

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