Slogans on population explosion

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Slogans on population explosion

Celebrate World Population Day to enjoy lesser crowd in future.

World Population Day Sayings

Celebrate World Population Day to control population growth. Save the earth from over-exploitation caused by over population. Join the campaign to have enough space to live on the earth. Adopt a child instead of giving birth to your own child.

Save the earth from population explosion. Control overpopulation to remain away from starvation. Control the population to maintain the happy life.

Take part in campaign celebration to be aware of overcrowd. World Population Day aware us to raise voice against overpopulation. It is difficult to reduce the population however not impossible. Take the pledge to control population. Reduce population otherwise you will suffer starvation. Small family is sweet family but big family is a crowd.

Keep a small family to have big happy life. Overpopulation is more dangerous than atom bomb that will surely burst in future. Overpopulation gives rise to poverty, illiteracy, and lots of social issues.

Two people make a company but three people a crowd. Keep child only one or two that is good for future. Use family planning tips and measures to have a small family. Join the campaign to change population trends. Focus on population to fight poverty and illiteracy.

Start family planning for happy future. Reduce the population and empower women. Join the campaign to think about poverty, population and development. Reduce the crowd over earth for better future.

Big family brings big problems too.

Slogans on population explosion

Birth control is the only solution to population control. Plan your family and protect the planet. Overpopulation is reason to less space and less food. Control the population to enjoy the nature forever.

Control the population to really control the environmental issues.Slogans collection; Slogan on global warming; Note: You have more slogan on population in Hindi then please write on comments.

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Note: email subscription करे और पाये slogans on population control in Hindi & और भी नये जनसंख्या पर नारे. Last week the 46th session of the Commission on Population and Development concluded at U.N.

headquarters. 45 member nations participated. The five-day session was described as fraught with tension and disagreement because most of the states were "concerned about the economic implications of migration, looking at the effects of remittances," said Mohammad Zia-ur-Rehman, chief executive of.

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Slogans on population explosion

Stop the population explosion. Stop the population explosion now or starve. End starvation. Control population explosion. End Resolved. Sep 29,  · Do some thing Now. Stop the population explosion. Stop the population explosion now or starve. End starvation. Control population explosion.

End Resolved. Population Slogans. Population Slogans are used to help spread awareness of our rapidly growing population on our planet. Be sure to vote for your favorite population slogans. Population explosion, leads to starvation + It’s a small world after all + Keep one or two which is good for you.

+ Overpopulation leads to Frustration + Population Quotes & Population Control Slogans World Population Day is an event, observed every year on the 11 th of July. Increasing in population is causing many problems like poverty, unemployment, pollution etcetera.

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