Small theatre business plan

If you enjoy watching movies, opening a movie theater can provide you with an opportunity to profit from the major blockbusters that Hollywood produces. Opening a movie theater is a big venture that requires a great deal of planning. Before you get involved with this type of project, make sure that you understand the steps involved.

Small theatre business plan

Dan Abbate, Gorilla Tango Theatre With a lot of nonprofit theater companies struggling to make ends meet in a tough economy, it seems implausible that anyone in their right mind would start a storefront theater company expecting to make money.

Yet Dan Abbate has done just that. He started Gorilla Tango Theatre as a for-profit business in and sees that model as the future for live theater entertainment. How is Gorilla Tango different from other small theater companies in Chicago?

Starting a Cinema – Sample Business Plan Template

Gorilla Tango Theatre has always approached its work as a for-profit business; the product this company sells just happens to be theater small theatre business plan other types of live entertainment. Our success is a direct function of our business model being based on profitability and sustainability, rather than a specific creative agenda.

This enables GTT to be nimble and adjust our product mix based on market demand. We are not tied to a specific mission which can be difficult to change in a nonprofit even when that mission is no longer working for the organizationnor is our ability to make quick decisions restrained by the group politics often found on non-profit boards.

What led you to adopt this structure instead of forming a nonprofit around an ensemble of artists as most other theaters do in Chicago? Combining the structure of a business with talented people doing creative work is the best production system, and it turns out the most marketable products.

The goal was—and still is—to develop a sustainable, profitable business. Although there are some examples of success in the "ensemble" system, most companies end in disastrous failure or suffer "slow deaths" as key people get tired of working in the theater without getting paid while having to maintain a day job.

When building a for-profit business, the focus is on developing a company that has potential for long-term success. Hence the creation of GTT. Anyone truly interested in creating a theater company would be better off working with Gorilla Tango rather than following the old-school nonprofit system they learned about in college or wherever.

Theater academics and authorities are stuck in tradition and "the way things have always been done.

small theatre business plan

If your objective is to make money, why did you decide to open a theater? The key words in that question are "generally thought of. Taking a for-profit approach to an industry that is generally written off as done "just for the love" gives us a great competitive advantage by doing it "just for the money.

I think that is the root of the problem. People who are interested in the creative side of theater should focus on being creative. They should not be starting companies. They should let business people like GTT manage the business infrastructure and devote their own attention to the creative aspects.

This is not a new concept. This is exactly how it is done in film and TV as well.Free Theatre Production Business Plan For Raising Capital from Investors, Banks, or Grant Companies! Please note that the financials in this complete free business plan are completely fictitious and may not match the text of the business plan below.

Starting a Cinema – Sample Business Plan Template. 1. Research. This is one very basic step that you want to take if you have success in view. This means that you have got to conduct a market survey in the following areas; how much does it cost to start a cinema business in your country.


How to Start Your Own Cinema (For Under $15,) Will Sampson. March 2, How to Start Your Own Cinema (For Under $15,) The Theater Space ($/month) A Business Plan. Any business needs a business plan. Fundamentally, a business plan .

The Business Plan concludes that the theater is an important cultural and artistic resource for Downieville and western Sierra County, and should be cultivated as such.

To aid in this goal, the SCAC can and should develop artistic event programming.

small theatre business plan

Create your own business plan Business planning has never been easier. With complete sample plans, easy financials, and access anywhere, LivePlan turns your great idea into a great plan for success. UK Theatre’s Business Plan for reflects a changed and dynamic environment.

Theatre and the performing arts continue to attract audiences. In we saw, again, a welcome increase in both ticket sales and income. Our industry is a vital part of the creative industries - one of . - Free Theatre Production Business Plan