The influence of social media platforms on national politics

Video by Ryan Lund and Aaron Nelson. But can the media really alter the outcome of an election?

The influence of social media platforms on national politics

By Patson Dzamara It is important to debunk why Zanu PF is panicking and has made this huge investment towards social media control and manipulation.

They have seen how other entrenched dictators before them fell in social media-accelerated revolutions. In recent history, Tunisia, Egypt and the Gambia experienced awe-striking political transitions and social media played a crucial role in all those cases. They were able to methodologically bring about alternative information countering state propaganda, with enlightened citizens knowing which platforms to follow and which ones were a decoy to confuse them.

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First and foremost, it is critical to underscore the fact that Zimbabwean elections are chiefly never won or lost based on social media dynamics, but on realities on the ground. They are won or lost on the ground and on technicalities. However, and in spite of that, important cyberspace developments are pertinent to explore, as they will have an impact on the ability of Zimbabweans to access correct information outside the State-run media and other Zanu PF propaganda channels.

It simply means that all old enough Zimbabweans possess a cellphone or have access to one.

The tone of social media discussions on politics

At the beginning ofof the estimated 16 million Zimbabwe population, over 7 million of those were internet users. By now that figure should have exponentially increased and chances are high that it will double in the next few years.

These are very interesting dynamics and must never be ignored, especially by the opposition. In as much as Zimbabwean elections are not determined on social media, it has become a critical catalyst in the electoral process.

Social media has outpaced the traditional media: In this day the highly sceptical Zimbabwean population is no longer relying sorely on mainstream media for news, updates, adverts, business or political engagements.

They are now mostly relying on social media. Not only is it an important medium, the statics highlighted above regarding cellphone and internet penetration rates are an apt accentuation of how social media has become the primary source for news and engagement at several levels for many.

As far as internet usage is concerned, it is that same group which is at the top. What can never be disputed is the fact that the decider of this forthcoming election is going to be the youth vote.

Youths cannot be sidelined or disregarded anymore. Gone are the days when youths are relegated and confined to throwing stones during protests.

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We must never underestimate the power of social media. We may not have resources to employ our own guerillas like Zanu PF, but we have each other. We must be vigilant with our eyes stayed on the prize.

The influence of social media platforms on national politics

Together we will usher in a new and better Zimbabwe in our lifetime.Social-media interns––and their social-media gaffes––are ubiquities. Candidates now levy insults directly across the platform in a way that might have been unthinkable even a year ago. The effect of social media on politics- social media’s influence in political campaigns has increased tremendously.


The influence of social media platforms on national politics

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