The lady with an ermine

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The lady with an ermine

Stoat surplus killing a family of chipmunksas illustrated by Ernest Thompson Seton As with the least weasel, mouse-like rodents predominate in the stoat's diet.

However, unlike the least weasel, which almost exclusively feeds on small volesthe stoat regularly preys on larger rodent and lagomorph species, and will take down individuals far larger than itself. In Russia, its prey includes rodents and lagomorphs such as European water volescommon hamsterspikasand others, which it overpowers in their burrows.

Prey species of secondary importance include small birdsfishand shrews and, more rarely, amphibianslizardsand insects. Typically, male stoats prey on rabbits more frequently than females do, which depend to a greater extent on smaller rodent species.

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British stoats rarely kill shrews, ratssquirrels and water voles, though rats may be an important food source locally. In Ireland, shrews and rats are frequently eaten. In mainland Europe, water voles make up a large portion of the stoat's diet.

Hares are sometimes taken, but are usually young specimens. The stoat typically eats about 50 grams 1. Because of their larger size, male stoats are less successful than females in pursuing rodents far into tunnels.

Stoats regularly climb trees to gain access to birds' nests, and are common raiders of nest boxes, particularly those of large species. The stoat reputedly mesmerises prey such as rabbits by a "dance" sometimes called the weasel war dancethough this behaviour could be linked to Skrjabingylus infections.

The stoat may surplus kill when the opportunity arises, though excess prey is usually cached and eaten later to avoid obesityas overweight stoats tend to be at a disadvantage when pursuing prey into their burrows. Kits produce a fine chirping noise. Adults trill excitedly before mating, and indicate submission through quiet trilling, whining and squealing.

When nervous, the stoat hisses, and will intersperse this with sharp barks or shrieks and prolonged screeching when aggressive. In Japanit is present in central mountains northern and central Japan Alps to northern part of Honshu primarily above 1, m and Hokkaido.

Its vertical range is from sea level to 3, m. Stoats in New Zealand Stoats were introduced into New Zealand during the late 19th century to control rabbits and hares, but are now a major threat to native bird populations. The introduction of stoats was opposed by scientists in New Zealand and Britain, including the New Zealand ornithologist Walter Buller.

The warnings were ignored and stoats began to be introduced from Britain in the s, resulting in a noticeable decline in bird populations within six years. The highest rates of stoat predation occur after seasonal gluts in southern beechmast beechnutswhich encourage the reproduction of rodents on which stoats also feed, encouraging stoats to increase their own numbers.

They are largely resistant to tularemiabut are reputed to suffer from canine distemper in captivity. Symptoms of mange have also been recorded.

In continental Europe, 26 flea species are recorded to infest stoats, including Rhadinospylla pentacantha, Megabothris rectangulatus, Orchopeas howardi, Spilopsyllus ciniculus, Ctenophthalamus nobilis, Dasypsyllus gallinulaeNosopsyllus fasciatusLeptospylla segnis, Ceratophyllus gallinae, Parapsyllus n.

Tick species known to infest stoats are Ixodes canisuga, I. Louse species known to infest stoats include Mysidea picae and Polyplax spinulosa. Mite species known to infest stoats include Neotrombicula autumnalisDemodex erminaeEulaelaps stabulansGymnolaelaps annectans, Hypoaspis nidicorva, and Listrophorus mustelae.

Other nematode species known to infect stoats include Capillaria putoriiMolineus patens and Strongyloides martes. Cestode species known to infect stoats include Taenia tenuicollisMesocestoides lineatus and rarely Acanthocephala.

Folklore and mythology[ edit ] In Irish mythologystoats were viewed anthropomorphically as animals with families, which held rituals for their dead.

They were also viewed as noxious animals prone to thieving, and their saliva was said to be able to poison a grown man. To encounter a stoat when setting out for a journey was considered bad luck, but one could avert this by greeting the stoat as a neighbour. Similarly, Mary Magdalene was depicted as wearing a white stoat pelt as a sign of her reformed character.

Lady with an Ermine by Leonardo da Vinci – Facts about the Painting

One popular European legend had it that a white stoat would die before allowing its pure white coat to be besmirched. When it was being chased by hunters, it would supposedly turn around and give itself up to the hunters rather than risk soiling itself.

Fur use[ edit ] Stoat skins are prized by the fur trade, especially in winter coat, and used to trim coats and stoles.Bert Christensen's Cyberspace Home.

Alphabetical List of Artists on this Site. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Lady with an Ermine (Portrait of Cecilia Gallerani) (Italian: Dama con l'ermellino [ˈdaːma kon lermelˈliːno]; Polish: Dama z gronostajem) is a painting by Leonardo da was painted between and The subject of the portrait is Cecilia Gallerani, the mistress of Ludovico Sforza, Duke of Milan.

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The lady with an ermine

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Lady with an Ermine - Wikipedia

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The lady with an ermine

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