The write away community on livejournal storm tracker

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The write away community on livejournal storm tracker

the write away community on livejournal storm tracker

I do not have access to the calendar from the laptop and I forgot to update it prior to being in Muskegon IA 11 days ago Goodness sakes! It's week 2 of nano already!

We have been gaining momentum; we are back up to our usual number of novels up from 35 at the start and the words continue to build at a great pace.

If you are behind or stuck, don't fear - that is just the evil Skeeg trying to thwart you! Put on your writing hat, hop into chat or join us for a write in, or reach out to those nano buddies to help scheme up a way to bust through that block and carry on to victory!

If you like, we have a write in coming up, upstairs at the Griffon's Rest this sunday, 3pm til 5pm, so come on out and write with us!

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IA 21 days ago It's almost time for NaNo ! We have a number of write ins already in place, including one at noon on 1 November, and are awaiting confirmation on the rest of our locations this year much to my stress mind youso hopefully we will have plenty of opportunity to meet, chat and write!

There is always the chat room as well, if you are unable to attend events, or want to have a hang out in your jammies!

IA about 1 month ago It's almost kick off time! Have you created your novels yet? If not, that first, then see the forum below for details on our kick off 4 months ago Now that camp has come and gone, it's time to start thinking about NaNo in November!

What will you be writing when the leaves fall? Words and skeeters abound, but where in the woods will you find your worlds? If you have already hit 50k, see the thread on Validation to claim your purple bar!

Never give up, never surrender!

the write away community on livejournal storm tracker

I mistakenly sent a message that was not the case - will also send another message via nanomail to correct that, hosted by our own fantastic Alorena about 1 year ago It's halfway day! How is your word count? Keep it up, even if you are behind, writing onward helps build your novel, your ability and your tenacity!

Write in location for Saturday has been changed, so we are back at McLaughlin as the Asylum is still under construction, so we hope to see you there! IA about 1 year ago One week in already! How's your word count? Write in tonight at Brooklyn's hosted by Phoenix, and another Saturday as well as our online chat room one thursday - come commiserate with others!

And our kick off party is even closer - this Saturday from pm we will be gathering at Spring St, Muskegon, MIUSA which is the McLaughlin Community Fellowship, so do feel free to come out and get to know your fellow participants!

See the thread in the forum below as well for more information, and we hope to see you there! IA about 1 year ago NaNo is only a month away - do you know where your cape is?If you are away/ill/have another reason for not being able to participate in the comm then leave a reply with reasons and length of time (if known) this will go on for.

To stay in the community during that month for each character you play you must either: a. Write at least one prompt, whether recent or old Storm Tracker; Page Summary.

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