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Unisa theses and dissertations online

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A number of ODL facilities at residential universities have not been successful because of a lack of planning or because of failure to ensure that all the different systems for ODL delivery were in place and functioning.

This paper sheds light on how to plan strategically and how to implement an ODL unit at an existing university. A template analysis was used to construct a road map for ODL planners. We used this analytical tool to organise data from a large collection of articles, books, and documents from We purposefully chose template analysis as a document analysis process to foster the recurring themes found in published articles on planning and implementing ODL facilities in higher education.

The results indicate four main strategies for successful implementation of an ODL unit. The template consists of strategic planning, policies, systems, and challenges.

Of the 15 articles selected, 10 had a cross-sectional design and 5 were cohort, 4 of them retrospective and 1 prospective studies. As to year of publication, most of the studies were published during the period from to Professional Editing Services. My passion for language has always been part of my make-up and I loved teaching English grammar to high school students at Die Hoƫrskool Menlopark and International School of . Code 4. Label. Challenges. Definition. Proactively identifying and responding to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats as well as emerging opportunities and barriers such as academic compensation and time, organisational change and lack of technical expertise and support in distance education (McKay & Makhanya, ).

It was concluded that the template for ODL planning offers new insight into distance education. It could be used as a foundation for ODL planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation.

We recommend further research on the template with the aim of theory construction for ODL planning and implementation. Template analysis; challenges in open and distance learning; distance education Introduction Very often the question arises of what to do when an ODL unit is to be planned and implemented at traditional face-to-face higher education institutions.

In many cases these institutions rush to provide technology-enhanced learning or ODL, which is in contrast with their initial goals and strategies, in an effort to stay competitive in the field or for financial reasons.

Financial reasons are usually the wrong reasons for implementing ODL or technology-advanced learning. The costs are initially high, and with ever-changing technology, it could end up costing more than face-to-face teaching.

This article is intended to engage academics and academic planners from face-to-face universities in strategic thinking before ODL or technology is implemented with undesirable outcomes.

My aim with this article is to shed light on strategic thinking in order to plan ODL and technology-enhanced learning in traditional face-to-face universities in a step-by-step manner.

The purpose of the literature review was to construct a road map for ODL planners and implementers in higher education. From the study it is clear that ODL cannot be implemented successfully without strategic planning and a clear mandate for ODL. The promise of distance education remains unfulfilled in many education institutions.

Despite many good intentions, education institutions are still failing to recognise particular key planning and implementing steps which could make the difference in successful and sustainable distance education initiatives. Historically, the growth and success of distance education were fuelled by the need to increase access to learning and the availability of technology for delivery.

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The greatest challenge for education institutions in moving towards ODL is to adopt a singular vision, policies, and procedures for ODL implementation. However, ODL is so much more than just a teaching mode or method; it is a distinct and coherent field of education which is focused on new delivery methods with a pedagogical philosophy Levy, Before any investments are made in distance education, a rigorous needs assessment of the educational institution may justify another option or other difficult decisions may need to be considered first.

When education professionals ponder on the feasibility of distance education programmes and whether or not to implement ODL, their first impulse is to search through the curricula to determine which courses can easily be translated into online, video, or digital formats.

Rumble makes it clear that educators must understand that distance education may not necessarily be the best solution to their problems in education. Meanwhile, each year, the number of higher education institutions offering distance education learning courses continues to grow significantly.

According to Bishop and Spakepolicymakers are faced with an array of choices related to planning ODL, such as infrastructure, student support, support to academics for their changing role as distance educators, and costs, to name a few.

Similarly, electronic or technology-enhanced courses do not necessitate more facilities, but institutions will incur capital outlays such as computer hardware and software and their updating and maintenance, additional personnel costs such as webmaster, instructional designers, course administrators, and e-tutors, and computer assistance to students.NB: The "updated" date indicates the date on which the announcements were removed from the AustLII home page, not the date on which they were added.

Updated: 14 November Plaintiff S/ v Minister for Home Affairs[] HCA 51 (7 November ) Wehbe v Minister for Home Affairs [] HCA 50 (7 November ). Unisa Theses And Dissertations Online. unisa theses and dissertations online Search results for: Unisa online theses and dissertations.

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Of the 15 articles selected, 10 had a cross-sectional design and 5 were cohort, 4 of them retrospective and 1 prospective studies.

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Unisa Theses And Dissertations Online.

Unisa theses and dissertations online

unisa theses and dissertations online Types of theses include PhD, Masters, or Honours. Page numbers are not always available in online theses/10().

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